Online book-keeping

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The Cloud-based book-keeping system that gives you real-time access anywhere
to your financial records, and covers all your on-going book-keeping needs.

The software has been created specifically for self-employed consultants, and includes standard features for time recording, payroll (including rti submissions), invoicing, automatic bank feeds and direct submission of VAT returns. All information is stored online in your own secure account. Your records are all inter-linked, so will save you significant time over other methods of recording.

A further advantage of the above system, is that as your accountant, we are able to also able to view your individual account online. This means that any issues you have regarding invoicing, VAT, payroll or expenses can be quickly resolved.

For new clients just starting with Freeagent, check out our helpful ‘Getting started’ page: Getting Started with freeagent

Forexisting customers needing support,
there are the following sources:

  • Regular FreeAgent Webinars to sign up to
  • Tutorials available on FreeAgent website
  • FreeAgent help desk –
  • Ask Goddard Solutions

For more details see

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