Dawn Goddard gets to question HMRC

20160307 WT Digital meeting

On Monday, 7 March, ICAS hosted a digital Working Together meeting with HMRC. It was only the fourth such meeting since digital Working Together was introduced, back in September and I was lucky enough to be one of 5 practitioners to participate.    Working Together was set up to help practitioners resolve those issues with HMRC which are widespread, affecting more than one practice or client.  At last week’s session we covered recent PAYE coding of dividends, problems with delays in receiving new self-assessment UTRs and the best way for us agents to resolve problem issues with HMRC.

Despite a few technical sound issues, feedback from HMRC was that it was by far the best Working Together so far.

For more details see ICAS website: http://www.icas.com/technical-resources/icas-hosts-digital-working-together-meeting-with-hmrc