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Our commitment is to provide each customer with a professional, individual service specifically designed to meet your needs, at competitive rates.


Services include:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Guiding you through the set up of your own business and decision making on going it alone
  • Tax advice on extracting profits in most tax efficient way, and expense deductions
  • Cloud-based book-keeping system giving you real time anywhere access to your financial records and covering all your on-going needs. See Online book-keeping for more details
  • Full preparation and submission of Year End Tax and Companies House Requirements, for example, Tax Submissions and Annual Company House Returns
  • Low cost payroll (fully compliant with rti paye changes in April 2013) including online submission of all employer and employee returns.[/unordered_list][/fourcol_two][fourcol_two_last]

Other services include:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • VAT advice
  • Personal tax returns
  • Tax planning
  • Business plans and cashflow projections
  • Contract reviews (versus IR35).[/unordered_list][/fourcol_two_last]


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Cloud-based book-keeping

We can provide you with a market leading Cloud-based book-keeping system that covers all your on-going book-keeping needs.
[fourcol_one]£22 per month
OpenBooks, the simple all in one book-keeping and financial management system on the Cloud. Visit Online book-keeping for more details.

IRIS OpenBooks hires[/fourcol_three_last]


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Accounts, tax returns and other annual requirements

Every business has a legal obligation to submit an annual tax return. Some may also need to prepare accounts for Companies House and annual employer’s submissions.

[fourcol_one]From £500

[/fourcol_one][fourcol_three_last][unordered_list style=”tick”]We can assist with:

  • Year-end Tax and Companies House Returns
  • Production, and submission to HMRC, of your Business’s Tax return and Employer’s Return, together with preparation and submission of the annual Companies House Return (for Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships)
  • We keep close to your business throughout the year to identify areas where tax efficiency can be improved and inform you of changes that affect you. In addition, during the preparation of the year end returns, we will ensure that tax efficiency is maximised
  • Fee includes a year-end meeting, either face to face or using Skype or WebEx.[/unordered_list][/fourcol_three_last]